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the matrix sequels forum. Well, Matrix Revolution and Matrix Reloaded have both been announced. Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lambert Wilson, and Jada. 200 views 1 comment. Shot back-to-back, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions — released. #the matrix sequel. In the beginning, dreams are a very big theme, and it works wonders. Privacy Preference Center. For fifteen years, I've assumed that the Matrix Sequels were irredeemable failures. by Edson » 09 Sep 2021 13:26 pm. As much as this resurrected reboobed MatriX looks cheap-ish and heavily focused on memberberries, for me it will never be able to generate more disappointment than going from the brilliant and timeless (albeit flawed and a bit cheesy) first movie to its extra-flaccid sequels. Bill Pope recounts the "mind numbing" and "soul numbing" experience of the later Matrix films. The two "Matrix" sequels, "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions," were critically panned and derided by audiences. Content on toyotanation. If you want to see Neo shooting bad guys, watch John Wick flicks, there are three already with a fourth one on the way. Ok so its only a tech demo weighing in at 29gigs on Xbox Series X. (I'm still a bit cold on the sequels, though it seems. While Neo doesn't comply with the Architect's instructions and Zion is ultimately saved, it's still suggested that Neo's battle with Smith somehow ended in the launch of Matrix 7. toyotanation. Re: The Matrix 4 Trailer. The Matrix Series #1. We take this kind of Matrix Reloaded Trinity graphic could possibly be the most trending subject. com is an independent Toyota enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. The original matrix was so profound, that perhaps the Wachowskis were somehow channeling the material as well, when they wrote (and directed) the movie?. It's probably the most influential American movie since Star Wars came out in 1977 (and it is now almost exactly as old as Star Wars was when The Matrix came out), and it's by far the most popular piece of art created by trans people. The Matrix Reloaded revealed that much of what the first film had established about The One was a lie. More Matrix?Bet on it. I think I like 2 better than 1 because of the deeper lore. First, again, legacy sequels for one-fabled properties are the "in" thing right now. I sat down to watch it again. Yeah, the original was the best but Reloaded was a solid action flick. The Matrix is a world completely made out of code, the possibilities are endless and yet no Matrix sequel has come close to matching (let alone surpassing) the magic of the first movie. Oct 1, 2021. In fact, the 2 sequels basically equate to my favorite movie. The first Matrix was just as bad. A new Matrix film has. The Matrix Resurrections , the fourth installment in the Matrix series, is here, and critics are divided. Dezionized was an interesting experiment but I don't think it worked in the end. This is the fourth film in the franchise. It's the only film I've ever walked out of the cinema. com is not in any way affiliated with Toyota Motor Corporation. 5 The Matrix Video Games. When "The Matrix" premiered on March 24, 1999, it was a sensation. There's even a part where in the movie they are joking about the Matrix being a sequel to a trilogy and a reboot - this will make sense after you watch it. You have to see it for yourself. Yet, most of the sequels primarily deal with the real world. Publicado 20/8/19 , editado 20/8/19. There's certainly more Matrix, and more Keanu, and more kung-fu. As stated by Darth Jeff about the matrix films. Saying "the Matrix sequels" has become a punchline, or a by-word for disappointing crap that is sometimes expectorated across the internet like a But most of the problems with the sequels come down to the way that it's split up and the delivery of a whole chunk of vital information outside the. The whole green tint was pulled back a lot. While the first film, 1999's The Matrix, was a game-changing visual experience, coupled with excellent performances and a story designed to make you beg to dive even deeper, the two sequels that. The Matrix sequels have been less well-received in comparison to the original, despite containing solid narrative threads and expertly-crafted action sequences. The Matrix Resurrections is one of the most hotly anticipated sequels in years. Jerick's The Matrix Revolutions: Decoded is far and away my favorite Matrix sequel edit. Maybe Neo just walks out of the shower in the first scene like it never happened. Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by JavaFox, Jan 7, 2003. I rewatched the original Matrix Trilogy (The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, & The Matrix Revolutions) for the first time in years. one imagines, that if the machines have to keep this matrix running, they might as well use it/a separated part of it for themselves; saves on having to code up two forms of existence and keep them both running. Matrix God downgraded to. Since Superbowl will be broadcast in HD from. Posts: 152,000 still my favorite sci-fi film of all. If you're a fan of the franchise like me (and maybe, hopefully, you "Are you the one who hacked my modal?" Only Keanu Reeves can make a line like that work. If hypocrisy wasn't the water politicians swim in it would hit harder. Ligação permanente Responder Citar. They ripped off 'red pills' from Total Recall. A cyberpunk sci-fi action extravaganza, it signalled a new filmmaking language and challenged the then new-found allure of simulated realities and. Speed Racer is great, as long as you can get past the kid and the monkey. The first part of the second one wasn't trash That's a rough take lol The last installment was underwhelming ah though That's for sure Part of what took away from the sequels was son turning into superman. This self-aware, post-modern approach to the Matrix films is encapsulated in the story of the protagonist. Throw in a simultaneous HBO Max release, a superhero juggernaut dominating the box office, the release happening just as Omnicron spikes were going crazy, middling reviews and wellyeah. 43 The Matrix Trilogy. But yeah most of the sequels seemed to really suck this year with X2, Tomb Raider 2, Matrix 2 & 3, Terminator 3, and Bad Boys 2 👎🏼👎🏼. Disclaimer: The video above is hosted on Youtube, and has not be reviewed by the staff of the Post-Dispatch. Warner Bros. The Matrix first hit screens in 1999, when Lilly says "the corporate world wasn't ready" for an allegory - a story that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning - about transgender people. I initially hated Speed Racer, but enjoyed it when I gave it another chance 10 years later. September 7, 2021. Some of the romance authors seem to do "channeling" when they write down the stories. Basketball. The sequels were kung fu movies with philosophy sprinkled in. The Matrix 4K UHD and Blu-Ray with rabbit artwork Warner Bros. #BlackLivesMatter. But beyond its legacy in pop culture, The Matrix has long held a special place in the hearts of many trans people for the way it so perfectly encapsulates many essential facets of their identities. Jan 31, 2021. Even the most basic action. The Matrix sequels were a mix of organized chaos and excitement. but hot dam, after playing it I cant help but be truly immersed into the small slice of the city they have created and also the set piece car chase. You might want to see it again or, like Jim, you might want to see another sequel before you make up your mind about this one, but at the very least it's more enjoyable than either of the previous Matrix sequels. Zion is boring and they only use. Really like the sequels. › Search The Best Education at www. По просмотрам. Jimmy Butler Exits Game With Ankle Injury. The freeway chase actually isn't that green, as of 2018. In reality, Neo wasn’t the second incarnation of The One but the sixth. Even more, they had a typically (and topically) late 90/early 00 setting, with the Discussion of the Red Pill as it applies to social analysis will go outside of forum rules as far as I can tell. posted on Dec, 10 2021 @ 02:24 PM. So while it's less iconic and less impressive in terms of action than other Matrix films, it succeeds as an artistic statement against the corporate machine of Hollywood in a way few big budgeted films have ever attempted. Join our new commenting forum. The legacy of the original Matrix movie has already been shat on by the sequels so it's not like they. It gives me hope that the Wachowskis might be involved. Wachowski co-wrote and directed the original Matrix trilogy with her sister Lilly, which kicked off with 1999's The Matrix, before continuing with back-to-back 2003 sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Hell, even my parents enjoyed them and they are picky, dumb movie watchers that can't want anything too "out there" otherwise its classified as "nonsense" and thus not worth their time. But as we know from Reloaded onwards, Smith was also able to rewrite Matrix code. Then, Neo wakes up, and discovers the truth. As a Matrix fan born in 83 (so this was my "infinity war" to you high school and college kids); I remember watching every single blu ray special feature. Dec 6, 2021. To be honest, that's what the old Matrix movies lacked. However, the next two sequels to The Matrix left a lot to be desired. Thread starter Zantra. It's finally time to kick off the marketing for The Matrix 4, officially. Jul 27, 2020. The Matrix itself I don't believe has dated a day, it's still as fresh and as engaging as the day I saw it in 1999, it's a work of utter brilliance in both concept and execution not many films could be said to be flawless, but that's one of them. Matrix Rocksss!!! Only question is if the sequels will be as gd or better then the orginal Tha Matrix Reloaded - 15 May 2003 The Matrix Revolutions - 7 Nov 2003. #3 NinjaRen, Oct 25, 2020. They were good movies, but the original was an amazing movie so of course the sequels fell short of expectations. Source: Peter Suderman It's hard for a Reason editor to hate a film that ends, as The Matrix Resurrections does, with a hero triumphantly declaring that "it's easy to forget what a free mind can do," and suggesting that one possibility might be to "paint the sky with rainbows. All the sequels were done purely out to cash in on the cow and milk the franchise for every dime sucker moviegoers were worth. This answer is not useful. Most notably, the entire second act. 42 / M / SW Ontario, Canada. According to Keanu Reeves, the Wachowski's are planning part four and five of The Matrix, plus a futuristic Robin Hood film starring Will Smith. Strawberries and recreating something like weather are indicators of progress. Bound is damn great. Wachowski, who had long seemed content to leave the Matrix universe dormant after the back-to-back sequels Reloaded and Revolutions in 2003, is poking fun at the pervading corporate desire to make. The original 1999 release leaves plenty to the audience's imagination, and although viewers do. Another Matrix film has long been mooted, but when it was revealed that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss were reprising their roles of Neo and Trinity respectively with This time it's much harder to track Neo down, with the machines hiding his existence away in a complicated version of the Matrix. December 11, 2021 RedBullMatrix 0. Suns Sign Justin Jackson To 10-Day Hardship Deal. all this in addition to SUPERB action sequences esp in Reloaded. A sequel could have been an exploration of Neo's powers expanding to godlike levels within the Matrix and Smith coming back as a program on Neo's level could have still made for some wild fights as they'd be less punchy punchy and more outright using the matrix itself to try kick each others asses. Let my favorite director, Christopher Nolan, take a shot at a Matrix Trilogy. Yes, the "Matrix" sequels approach their philosophy in a much more convoluted way than the original. But stunningly, the person not coming back is longtime Wachowski collaborator and. 9 Untitled New Matrix Film. The Matrix Resurrections is a 2021 American science fiction action film produced, co-written, and directed by Lana Wachowski. The actor, 57, plays Neo in the science-fiction film series, which is returning this week after 18. [ link to m. Nobody's trying to emulate Marvel movies, not because they're bad, but because they're generic and bring nothing new to the table. The modern kids will need a full reboot (or at least a soft one like 'The Force Awakens') to make sense of it. Here are a number of highest rated Matrix Reloaded Trinity MP3 upon internet. Like many sequels / reboots these days, it leaned heavily on nostalgia. This information might be about you, your preferences or your device and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to. The Matrix Resurrections is a smart follow-up to the iconic Matrix trilogy. 60 views 0 comments. on August 20, 2019. 00:00:00 [Read More]. (The CGI is actually well used in this film imo). The Matrix is an American media franchise consisting of four feature films, beginning with The Matrix (1999) and continuing with three sequels, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions (both 2003), and The Matrix Resurrections (2021). The sequels, on the other hand, are uh, considerably less than perfect (to be polite about it); the basic storyline and broader mythology is an. Quite the same Wikipedia. But the director says the films have always been "meaningful" for trans people. A movie event for it's time yet the sequels were garbage. In 1999, The Matrix caused a sensation in large measure because it had some of the best fighting sequences ever filmed—scenes that featured a remarkable understanding of how to frame, stage, and film hand-to-hand combat in exciting and fresh ways. Discussion about Laurence Fishburne Was NOT Asked To Return For The Matrix 4 [Page 2] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Years passed before I bothered with number three, Matrix Revolutions — another stiff. Lana Wachowski's The Matrix Resurrections isn't just a belated sequel. Freedom fighters Neo, Trinity and Morpheus continue to lead the revolt against the Machine Army, unleashing their arsenal of extraordinary skills and weaponry against the systematic forces of repression and exploitation. Director: Andy Wachowski. Yep, Warner Bros. Last edited: Jun 20, 2021. With Ray Anthony, Christine Anu, Andy Arness, Alima Ashton-Sheibu. Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu. The fact that you liked the casting on a purely racial. Fan Forum Star. But, right after it aired on AMC, they were showing both sequels. The Matrix sequels STINK! Thread starter FatAbbot; Start date 13 minutes ago; FatAbbot Hey Hey Hey! ‎ 13 minutes ago #1 Tried watching Reloaded tonight and it's dogshit. It actively engages with the original trilogy, reflecting on what was important about the story and urging fans to do the same. Worldwide, the films grossed more than $1. Here's hoping they can make a great matrix film again. "They come up to me and say these. Matrix made movemakers try to emulate it for a half a decade. The Matrix 4 is "so relevant", teases Watchmen's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The sequels were just awful, especially the third film. The rest I've either really liked or loved. 'The Matrix' reloads with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, with third sequel to be directed by Lana Wachowski. The Matrix (1999) shattered our taste for sci-fi. It’s also a case in which a series that was well and truly done is getting a revival. Narrator: Today was the ten-year anniversary of the release of 'The Matrix'. But the final moments of the film took place inside the Matrix itself. Welp I didn't think those maniacs at Warner Bros could do it, but it appears that they managed to make a sequel to a relatively large and successful movie intellectual property colloquially known as The Matrix. They lacked the luster of the first film, had dodgy computer-generated imagery (CGI), and generally lacked the energy and freshness of The Matrix. The Matrix is incredibly small compared the the sequels, and I think it would look terrible on paper. 6 billion at the box office. Where the first film zipped, the follow-ups dragged, where the The Matrix sequels fall into exactly the same trap. The Matrix Resurrections Has Unique Sequel Challenges. But I do think it's an important part. I really have grown to love that movie. Keanu Reeves is "sympathetic" towards fans who were left disappointed by the "Matrix" sequels because he felt a similar feeling when he saw "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Works great as a 2in1 and is roughly the same length as the first movie. It is the sequel to The Matrix Revolutions and the fourth and final installment in The Matrix film franchise. Now a successful video game designer (his series of games is called The Matrix ), he feels as though his reality isn't what it. I like the sequels and think that they're entertaining and of good quality and I myself cannot understand why people are so disliking of the Matrix sequels. It seems like the Matrix sequels get a lot of hate, undeserved hate in my opinion. I think the Matrix Sequels will go down as the most misunderstood sequels in the history of movies. Actually, I think if they had combined th. The Matrix Resurrections rocks. Only 6 months after Matrix 2 was released. I think the Matrix was great, but the 2 sequels are far better. The Matrix sequel was shot in Berlin and San Francisco and, in October 2019, Reeves was spotted on set showcasing a completely different look for Neo. "The Matrix Revolutions Decoded" presents a complete and focused narrative executed in the same run time as the original "Matrix" while unveiling a brand new and more satisfying conclusion to the Matrix saga. The Matrix sequels were considered so bad purely because of the initial success of the first one and the large majority of people not being able to understand the sequels. The Matrix returns to cinemas in 2021 (Warner Bros. RPGnet stands with Black Americans in the fight for rights, safety, and justice. And ripped off bullet time and the encircling camera from the Nazis and Triumph of the Will. My thoughts exactly. com is generated by its users. Still absolutely stunned we haven't seen a Matrix soft reboot/sequel yet. The other was in 2003, about 30 minutes into Matrix Reloaded, as that bloated pile of pretension began to collapse like a dead walrus. I have to sa. It flew over the mainstreams head. The philosophy behind the 2 sequels is very transcendental and a hybrid of a lot of east/west theories merged together. " ontologicalgeek. Feb 25, 2019. To me, they're great, especially Revolutions. The Matrix Resurrections producer James McTeigue has shared an update on plans for the franchise's future. Please do not bring political discussion to the rest of the site, or you will be removed. Going back to it now. "The power of love" is in 1 and 2, and I expect it will be a player in 3 too. We identified it from honorable source. I probably won't even bother with Revolutions or Resurrection considering people say they are even worse. That's just my opinion though. Wiki Points. Credits: Just Write. with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reprising their roles as Neo and Trinity, respectively. The film was released simultaneously in 108 territories on November 5, 2003. But that one is more uneven now than its sequels. The first movie was great, but the sequels not so much, and I don't think it would do the franchise any good to have yet another one. It has begun. It's basically the Return of the King, but it works. I don't like the one Matrix sequel I've seen, Matrix Reloaded. re: Matrix Resurrections may be a sequel to the original, erasing the previous 2 sequels. The upcoming fourth film in the Matrix Resurrections film series, The Matrix Resurrections, will be released just in time for Build-A-Bear to release its latest movie tie-in, an absolutely incredible-looking Matrix-themed bear. Story-wise, it didn't feel like a legit continuation of the original story more like a nostalgic dopamine bump. The Matrix Revolutions is a 2003 American science fiction action film written and directed by the Wachowskis. Also the two fag siblings of Matrix were sued over plagiarizing the script. Matrix resurrections. Director Lana Wachowski is at the helm for this fourth Matrix sequel this time around. Instead of dude who rips programs apart on a whim, can fly, do whatever poo poo he wants: we have Mr. In the last year the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community has increasingly been the target of hate and violence, with the recent shooting being only the most recent and horrific. Matrix 4 took 18 years to come to the screen—on the long side for sequel gestation, but not the longest. A dimension of pure BEES. Movie Talk - Is The Matrix actually a sequil to Terminator - Originally Posted by Michael Corvin I thought the Matrix was a sequel to I, Robot. I think Lana should have taken the same POV. The Matrix sequels are good until you realize they sucked. More than twenty years after The Matrix fundamentally reshaped genre cinema, director Lana Wachowski is finally diving back into the universe that made her and co-director Lilly Wachowski renowned. Over 2 hours have been removed from the original. Running time: 148 minutes. Credit Star Wars: The Force. It's like their every utterance was of biblical importance. After having rewatched The Matrix Trilogy last week, I got to thinking about why the sequels were less successful than the first movie. It's not a matter of not being able to understand a very basic two cent storyline. Same with The Matrix. Two and a half stars out of four. The first three films were written and directed by the Wachowski siblings and produced by Joel Silver. Although your mileage may vary on the decision to give the sequels' scenes inside the Matrix an even more intense green tint than the first film, there can be no doubt that it at least gives. Are you guys excited? The sequels (well, I hear there are actually doing some kind of Star Wars thing like Episode I coming out after VI) were rumored as far back when the movie was still in the theaters b/c it was doing so well. The information does not usually. Those movies are 10 times better than 90% of all movies Ive seen in the last 10 years, and believe me, Ive seen a lot of movies, so shut it! Sure theyre not in my top 10 picks, but theyre in my top 10%, which puts them in the top 50 or so. Infighting and Callouts. I guess beard and long hair is Keanu. Apparently the Academy didn't think much about the groundbreaking effects in "The Matrix" sequels - doh! Anyways, we've got two superhero films to cheer on and the rest of Wow, as little as I thought of the two sequels as movies, the visual effects outrank many of the movies nominated in my mind. Forum for the Corolla and Matrix! toyotanation. Fact is, most sequels are nowhere near as good as the original. I can say I enjoyed the cinematography of The Matrix more than its sequels, but the sequels aren't SERIOUSLY flawed in that department. Anywhere else and it will be deleted and an infraction will be issued. Matrix Reloaded Trinity MP3 Download. "Call Trans Opt: Transgender Themes in The Matrix. A lot of psycho babble, a few good laughs and just some good action. Development of the fourth Matrix film was officially announced by Warner Bros. Most people will agree that the matrix sequels are bad compared to the first part. Its submitted by government in the best field. All the events of Reloaded and Revolutions are about the Machines preparing for the next reboot and the launch of Matrix 7. But what did they have to do with Stanley Kubrick? When it comes to the fourth Matrix movie, It looked like the entire gang was getting back together. And where exactly does Dark City fit in? Threequel. Gizmodo - The Matrix Resurrections rocks. Still worth watching though. The new Matrix looks less pretentious than the two previous sequels at least. I've never felt more ancient than when I've heard kids these days call the coolest movie of my adolescence 'pretty good for an old movie'. }} [[Scene 1]] Morpheus: Unfortunately, no one can explain what the matrix is. Sure, the third one wasn't great but it's watchable. And while I'm sure there's an in-story reason why we get old Trinity and old Neo while being handed a new Morpheus, I want the real Morpheus. I actually didn't hate the sequels. It also has a number of unique hurdles that other sequels don't. Because the movie doesn't release in theatres for another 2 days in most cities, I'll refrain from spoiling anything here. I just recently watched the Matrix for like the tenth time the other day. If the analyst is kind of just a rogue mad scientist, essentially doing a crazy experiment in the matrix’s garage, then the stakes are purposely designed to be pretty minimal, though very personal for Neo and Trinity. They should have left the matrix alone after the first one. 20 December 2021, 2:59 am · 6-min read. Related: Resurrections Mocks You For Assuming To Know What The Matrix Is About. Does anyone NOT understand these? I have absolutely no idea what is going on. In a world of two realities—everyday life and what lies behind it—Thomas Anderson will have to From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes "The Matrix Resurrections," the next film in the groundbreaking franchise that redefined a genre. The first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has arrived - and all signs point. The sequels failed to capture the magic of the original, depending too much on. Posts: 3,663. Keanu Reeves and Carie-Anne Moss are back for the sequel. So let’s enter the mainframe now. Say what you will about Lana, the dudes got a beautiful mind. Every word spoken by every character in those movies was delivered in a deadly serious near whisper. Seriously, we don't want to spoil anything for you and there's a lot going on in this movie. We saw him do some amazing things. Besides many people being turned off by the first sequel, I guess having two Matrix sequels in one year was simply pushing it. tokerblue said: If you've already seen the sequels, there isn't anything that you need to rewatch before watching Resurrection. I know it gets deeper in the sequels, but I didn't really get much from the sequels. 197 views 1 comment. The reason behind this is the over production. The rabbit hole stopped in the first movie and never went deeper that's usually a sign of poor writing meanwhile Lord of the Rings. We've seen The Matrix Resurrections and the only thing we want to say is "not bad". is entirely associated with the sequels, rather than an original film. Similar to my thread on "Return of the Jedi," your challenge is to improve the sequels to "The Matrix. It will be directed by Lana Wachowski, with Reeves and Moss confirmed to return to reprise their roles. REVIEW: 'The Matrix: Resurrections' - Washington Free Beacon. Sure, it is a Hollywood blockbuster, but it behaves more like an animated Manga due to it's narrative. The two sequels crapped the bed and everyone moved on. As for the sequels, I remember them to be highly anticipated and the first sequel ended up being the 3rd best grossing movie in 2003. I was very dispointed with the sequels to th the origional, but i did think revolutions was better than reloaded, reloaded let itself down with its over the top special effects that just seems stupid. Even at their most gonzo, I've had a good feel for their stuff (Sense8, the Matrix sequels, Jupiter Ascending), and lovedlovedloved their Speed Racer. 10 of the best long-awaited sequels that are not 'The Matrix Resurrections'. The Matrix Resurrections Premieres December 22nd. It was much too late for me to stay up and watch them, but it left. The curiously youthful Keanu Reeves, star of the Matrix trilogy and of an exceptionally lame meme told an audience at the London School of Performing Arts that he may be getting back into Neo's slinky strides once again. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving and Jada Pinkett Smith. Read the topic about Did anyone like the matrix sequels? on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! (Topic ID: 165688). Needless to say, they aren't the Wachowski Brothers anymore, but simply "The Wachowskis". With a new Matrix movie on the horizon I think I'd like to revisit the franchise. The story, which has Keanu Reeves. However, the sequels fundamentally revised the very concept of The One, rendering the canon established the first movie as apocryphal history. Then again the Matrix came out first so I guess that would make I, Robot a prequel. Today we’re going to explain The Matrix and write brief summaries of The Matrix 2 and The Matrix 3 to fully explain the Matrix series. I've seen the original film a few times and enjoy it, but only seen the If that doesn't work THEN post in the Trade & Request forum. Lily Wachowski's "The Matrix Resurrections" has been getting very good buzz from test screenings. Jazz Trade Miye Oni, 2028 2nd Round Pick To Thunder. Forums New posts New threadmarks Search forums. Forum Member 20/08/19 - 21:01 I liked both Matrix sequels. No "Matrix" movie has ever matched the forceful simplicity of the first one (we are prisoners to machines and need to be free), and "Resurrections" is a full-on lecture at MIT. Trophy Points. WB Relaunches Mysterious 'What is The Matrix' Site for 'The Matrix 4'. Show activity on this post. "The Matrix Resurrections" may be a bumpy ride but it's still a trip. 14 Entertainment. To me, the answer is obvious. The ending of Resurrections leaves it open-ended for writer Lana Wachowski and Warner. Moderator of Jennifer Lawrence Gal Gadot. The Matrix Reloaded: Directed by Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski. There are a lot of things that can singled out for the reasons of The Matrix sequels' failures — bloated plots, convoluted narratives, what have you — but Pope. The big picture: Too Big to Fail (2011) This is the high level view, what gets written in textbooks, the major headlines of the era. The sequels set the clock back. Why The Matrix resonates with trans people. Both sequels (reloaded and revolutions) can be considered as a single film. 4K screenshots reduced by 50 percent. Larry, 37, appeared at the Cannes Festival premiere of Matrix Reloaded with 36-year-old blonde Karin Winslow last week. The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions weren't as positively received at the time, but both sequels brought something new to the genre, and the audience defense of their unexpected creative decisions has grown in the years since their release. A Forum of Ice and Fire A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones. And rather than being. In 1999, The Matrix was huge because it was a breath of fresh air. Tuesday was the tenth anniversary of The Matrix, and Joel Silver made a surprise appearance tonight at ShoWest to announce that Warner Bros has officially greenlit a fourth Matrix Film. Twin Peaks, the resurrection of a loved one early '90s television property, succeeds as a triumph of anti-nostalgia - or more precisely as a show that exudes ambivalence about revisiting the. Cinematographer Bill Pope traces The Matrix sequels failures back to a book by Stanley Kubrick which the Wachowskis took too seriously. Not Laurence Fishburne aka Neo — the rumours rage that he was a real douchebag on the set of the first. Well, well, well. The Matrix Resurrections opens with Neo (Keanu Reeves) back in the Matrix. As someone who likes the trilogy as a whole, I would like some help to understand why the 2 sequels seem to be ranked so low. First found out about it from The Digital Bits (free plug there), there will be a Matrix trailer released. And that's what Matrix 4 hopefully is- an original movie. Only show this user. Passionate Fan. It builds on top of something familiar to create something new — just like Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I'm constantly waiting when I walk into blockbusters that one is just gonna The Politics forum has been nuked. The ending of the original held so much promise as to how Neo. 02-22-2004, 05:00 PM. release, is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for violence and some language. Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Hugo Weaving, Jada Pinkett Smith and others. Explaining this movie is a lot better than watching it, so I'll try and keep this brief, for all of us. I consider that a pretty big point for the Matrix. Joined Sep 22, 2018 Messages 22,465 Location Moonbase Caligula SL Rez 2008 Joined SLU 2009 SLU Posts 55565. More Matrix analysis: Chelsea L. With filming on The Matrix 4 underway, Eric Bay-Andersen discusses whether time has done anything to improve the less-than-stellar reputation that Reloaded and original trilogy-capper Revolutions in the first place, I'm surprised the Matrix sequels haven't undergone a critical reappraising in recent years. I am not a fanboy myself The most interesting aspect of The Matrix is the matrix. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more!. They've held up well. com/call-trans The Matrix Revolutions: What Went Wrong? www. In the first Matrix, there was a very good amount of atmosphere from the get-go. Start date Nov 5, 2003. The Matrix 1 is the best sci fi movie of all time (matrix 2, 3 and 4 all suck though) The following 3 sequels proved that the creators really just got lucky with the first one which was kind. Forums Login / Sign Up. In the Matrix Reloaded, during the conversation between Neo and the Architect, there is a part when Neo claimed that the machines can't allow any sort of shutdown in the Matrix and therefore the extinction of the human race, because the Sequels don't ruin the original film, unless they retcon it. share: UpThenDown. will have the entire American film box office to themselves this upcoming Christmas 2021 holiday season without any major Hollywood blockbuster films to compete against it (Top Gun Maverick was slated for a December 2021 theatrical release. The biggest letdown was the third movie, which ended up on 11th place in 2003. I adore the first Matrix. Published on September 29, 2018. Having seen it this morning, I would rate it as 'pretty good'. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures will produce and globally distribute the film. The Matrix Sequels | Why Does Everyone HATE Them? The Matrix Resurrections Reviews are coming out and the movie seems like it may be a bomb. The Matrix Resurrections - Official Trailer 1 - Page 3 - RealGM. The only Wachowski movie I find bad is Jupiter Ascending. Other Media [SPOILERS] The Matrix Resurrections discussion Resurrections is "The Matrix belongs to me, In the first movie it's just yet another example of the hero getting the girl. Mark Harrison. Forum Posts. Four years later, we got the first of two Matrix sequels, The Matrix Reloaded. A new Matrix film has entered production with Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss confirmed to return along with Lana Waschowski. Look, no sequel will ever come close to the visual pyrotechnics and breathtaking originality of the first film, and The Matrix: Resurrections has some issues. The Matrix Revolutions is better because, while it's pretty dumb, at least you understand the characters' motivations: the humans want to defend Zion and Neo wants to defeat Smith. by Alex Billington. The Matrix sequels were mediocre at worst. Thread starter davidson. The machines seemed less like what was described in the Animatrix and more like a hive mind or just mindless machines, I really liked how they gave programs life and had sentient robots outside of the Matrix, working with the humans. Personally I don't think Neo's powers were downplayed in the sequels. The Matrix Resurrections — a deeply meta sequel about Matrix sequels The belated fourth film in the series brings mischief and middle-age romance but the actual point of it all needs decoding. I loved the first one, and thought the sequels were appalling. WB may have greatly overestimated the desire for another Matrix sequel in the first place given the reception of the sequels. Another two Matrix films may be leaping into cinemas, the Grauniad shrugs. Switches from teal to blue and back. This one is also emblematic of HBO's house style when it comes to its political movies: Recount (2008), Game Change (2012), Confirmation (2016), Brexit (2018). The two sequels also both came out in 2003, not allowing for audiences to have much. Posts: 4969. January 5, 2022 by admin987. It just seems like if they had any faith in the script at all someone at Warner would have said "Ok for all these movies but hold up with the Matrix, summer 2022 for that one. But if they use the current pattern, then I'm for 'REBOOTED'. The gist of what he's saying is basically where I'm at with the movie: better than Revolutions, around the same level of Reloaded, and Matrix should have never had any sequels. On the other hand today's movie titles are rather long- more than one word. Picture Group chairman Toby Emmerich made. " This was supposed to reboot a franchise where even the one people didn't like made 200 million. batguy said: The Matrix was a cultural moment in 1999. The original Matrix (and even the sequels!) did some very original stuff. Lana Wachowski is set to write and direct a fourth film set in the world of "The Matrix,". com (secure)] Larry Wachowski left his wife of 15 years following an affair with a dominatrix. The Matrix Resurrections is more than just a sequel to the previous films. {{Replay of various scenes from The Matrix. Forums; Cobra Kai and Fury Road are the only two examples of 20 to 30 years later sequels, that actually turned out good, IMO. This sequel brings together most of the previous actors, Keanu Reeves , Trinity, Murphys, Bagos and other major roles have returned, which can be But " The Matrix 4" did not do a good job, interspersed with the first two plots in the movie, it seems messy and perfunctory. I watched it tonight and just found it to be OK. The Matrix Awakens An Unreal Demo. source: Build-A-Bear's new […] The Matrix Resurrections. Well, well, well. And most are far worse. Official trailer. I'm sick of seeing great films milked with a slew of awful sequels and spin offs I'm looking at you Aliens, Terminator, Predator and Star Wars. Each new sequel brought more and more questions—to the point where the trilogy really needs an explainer as we prepare for the fourth movie. They ripped off the entire visual style from Ghost in the Shell and other anime productions. they are caught between catering to modern kids vs the old fans. As we flip through Lana Wachowski's syllabus, there's more talking than a 24-hour marathon of "The View. To be honest, I don't hate the Matrix sequels and I like V for Vendetta, which they wrote the script. Just better. The sequels feel like the comic book tie-ins of famous franchises. That's why the sequels disappointed me so much. The Matrix Sequels Were Meant To Be Harder To Understand. Started by RedBullMatrix October 2020 News. Gangs of New York was my favorite that year, The Italian Job was a lot of fun also, and Kill Bill Vol 1 was good too. This caused the Matrix sequels (and Reloaded in particular) to gain some narrative baggage. The first Matrix film had approximately five years of development, during which the script changed, notably becoming more and more self. Brief Synopsis: This is a Matrix sequels edit like you've never seen before. It's still not clear what shape the project will take, but sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. I guess you could say it was inevitable. Yea i agree with ya about the conclusion. The Matrix, or a thing liked it, also seemed to serve as the "operating system" that all the disembodied machine programs lived in. Jupiter Ascending had some of the worst acting I've ever seen, but was conceptually pretty cool with a good score. And their output since shows. is in the early stages of developing a relaunch of The Matrix, the iconic 1999 sci-fi movie that is considered one of the most original films in cinematic history, with Zak Penn in talks to write a treatment. Re: All the Matrix films were written and directed by two Transgender women. 2 doesn't feel complete but I know its because its really The Matrix and The Matrix 2(part 1 and 2). This unexpected sequel might seem like a strange development, but maybe we should Neo sacrificed himself to stop the spread of Agent Smith, which the Matrix could no longer control. Not a surprising outcome. Most recent by RedBullMatrix July 2020 News. The Holiday forums will stay open for a few days, but the wider forums should all be open now. FrivYeti Yeti On The Lam! RPGnet Member. Posted by Goonie02 on 9/11/21 at 5:04 pm to Ham Solo Matrix Sequels didn't have another ghost in the shell movie they could steal shots, action scenes and story motivations from to be good. Let's just get that out of the way. The Matrix Resurrections began streaming on HBO Max and playing in theaters on December 22, 2022. If you're a fan of the franchise like me (and maybe, hopefully, you revisited the trilogy like me) you may be terrified that a fourth film, almost 20 years later, could be very bad. would have it, 2003 was planned to be “the year of The Matrix ”, but the rabbit hole went a little deeper than the two cinematic sequels. The sun rose on the dark and. That’s what we plan on doing. com/watch?v=27rhH The Matrix Revolutions: Profound or Poorly Thought Out?. " And it's even harder when that film is an ambitious and long-awaited sequel to the Matrix trilogy, an. "The Matrix Resurrections," a Warner Bros. All my life I've heard people crap on The Matrix sequels, but I've always enjoyed them. I personally liked them, even though it was more of the same thing with nothing new in them, they were still enjoyable. On Finally Understanding The Matrix Sequels. Produced by Silver, based on a treatment from The Wachowski Brothers, and directed by James McTeigue. 1990s 2000s action cinema franchise movies philosophy pop culture science fiction the matrix. ) As Warner Bros. But looking back on them with fresh eyes reveals a pair of films that are exhilarating, interesting, and sometimes hilarious. Looking back, were Matrix sequels better then you thought? my biggest gripe is there was no increase of understanding the Matrix or Terminator in the sequels. Hi, maybe it's a hypothetical question, but how would you made the sequels better? The movie on paper sounds great, has good special effects fighting and interesting themes of control and how Neo is like Jesus. Stil looks as convoluted as the first trailer, but now more bloated and overly-reliant on revisiting popular scenes from the first movie. Donovan Mitchell, Joel Embiid Named NBA's Players Of The Month For December. And I realizethe Matrix sequels, when they show actually "Zion", did a good job of showing how it was actually people from all ethnic backgrounds I think getting a boner because a lot of minorities were cast in The Matrix sequels is just wrong. Matrix sequels really expanded the Matrix lore brilliantly as well as the progression of Agent Smith beyond being the talking head of a trio of agents. With an R rating. That's only because the original MATRIX movie was ground-breaking, one of the best sci fi action movies ever conceived. And somewhere in-between these 2 release dates in early Jun 2003, the Matrix Animatrix DVD will be released. 2018 Bill Pope couldn't even decide the color of Morpheus' shirt. The Matrix Resurrections Teaser | Page 15 | RPGnet Forums. The real good news is that original Matrix stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are both returning for the sequel. He was assimilating not just the normal inhabitants of the Matrix, but also agents - and even the Oracle. Joined: Dec 2001. The Matrix 4: Keanu Reeves And Carrie-Anne Moss Tease ‘Beautiful Script’ With ‘Incredible Depth’. Each time a franchise releases a new movie decades after the last, there's always a risk, but The Matrix Resurrections has particular challenges. The Matrix Resurrections. The first Matrix was just as bad. The Matrix sequel(spoiler). Joined: 04 Mar 2010 15:42 pm. A highly anticipated and unexpected fourth sequel, The Matrix Resurrections, is out this week. Today, a theoretical Matrix 4 will (presumably) succeed because it is familiar and As for "why," the answer is two-fold. WorldExclusive said: To be fair, Lilly didn't do Matrix 4 because she said, then him, becoming a woman the Matrix just wasn't apart of, now her, anymore. People talk all the time about what went wrong with the Matrix sequels. The ironic thing is the Matrix sequel should be taking those concepts down, not gassing them up with cross promotional materials I remembered the trailers and teasers for the sequels, and the speculation over what so-and-so character's name. You can watch The Matrix Resurrections by subscribing to HBO Max. And The Matrix Resurrections is brimming with all the dorky …. " While the original was widely panned, the sequels received mixed to negative reception. Reaction score. Keanu Reeves has compared the disappointment many fans felt over the Matrix sequels to Star Wars. 1 day ago Sep 08, 2021 · The Matrix Resurrections trailer teases the sequel we always wanted. Fan Forum > General Discussion > Movies > The Matrix Series #1 New Forum Poll | Request a Forum | 'The Matrix' DP Bill Pope Dishes on How the Sequels Went Wrong 07-18-2020, 08:15 PM #57: Jen's Herald. While the Wachowskis may have had plans for the sequels before the first film was made, the first film's development process likely worked against them. The Matrix sequels unlike the Star Wars prequels, it is my belief that they where unnecessary. Why The Matrix Sequels Were Bad, According To Their Cinematographer. Well, I don't know if you guys picked up the most recent Newsweek, but if not, I wanted to share a few quips from it regarding the new sequels to The Matrix, set to be released this year. The Matrix has a complicated legacy. We'll call it Matrix 6. This one is also emblematic of HBO’s house style when it comes to its political movies: Recount (2008), Game Change (2012), Confirmation (2016), Brexit (2018). I saw the first Matrix as well as Reloaded. Now I am not a huge Matrix fan, but I respect that they tried like hell to put a story in there, and I think that story went right over peoples heads, especially where Neo finally meets the Architect. We're back with a new installment of the Correct Opinion! On this installment we discuss a wide range of topics including updates on the #recasttchalla petition, The news about the Rock and Vin Diesel exchanging messages online about The Rock's involvement in the Fast And Furious Franchise and more. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Joined Jan 21, 2007. I'm glad they'll finally get to experience a Matrix movie as it was intended. The first matrix was a stroke of genius, but the sequels were more or less a mess, in my opinion. This alone moves this film up a couple pegs above the other Matrix sequels. The first Matrix is legitimately a sci-fi classic, but the sequels are generally derided and I honestly don't know why. It's clever and smart, with entertaining action and wonderful. Joined: Jul 2016. The Matrix 4 is scheduled for release on December 22, 2021 in cinemas and on HBO Max in the US. It is the third installment in The Matrix film series, released six months following The Matrix Reloaded. The Matrix was a philosophy movie with kung fu sprinkled in. The Matrix Sequels. The Matrix 4: Keanu Reeves And Carrie-Anne Moss Tease 'Beautiful Script' With 'Incredible Depth'.

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